Stephen M. Kosslyn

President and Chief Learning Officer, Foundry College;

John Lindsley Professor of Psychology Emeritus, Harvard University

Primary Market: university and college professors & administrators; students in teacher

education courses; and teachers & administrations of grades 6-12

Courses:  Instructional Design, Educational Psychology, Foundations of Teaching, Distance 

Learning/Online Education, Learning Science, Active Learning, Learning & Memory



  • Provides examples of inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary science in action to spark new approaches to teaching for even the most seasoned instructor.

  • Introduces active learning step-by-step using ordinary-language explanations and examples throughout to make the content accessible to all readers.

  • Provides generative principles that allow instructors create new active learning exercises that will make their classes come alive.

  • Offers specific exercises and types of active learning activities; all of these exercises and activities can be done effectively online, often both in synchronous and in asynchronous settings.